Dogs and cats are two of man’s oldest pets, going back as far as ancient Egypt, where there are hieroglyphs and paintings of them interacting and serving as our pets.

Although many pet lovers like both dogs and cats, some often categorize themselves as either dog or cat lovers.

There are many reasons some pet lovers prefer one over the other. Here are 15 reasons our canine friends are better than cats.

1. Dogs are faithful

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Yes, cats are also faithful but not as loyal as dogs. Dogs’ loyalty to their owners is why they are considered man’s best friend all over the world. There are various stories from different places that show a dog’s loyalty, like the Japanese story of a dog whose owner passed away but faithfully went to the train station every day to wait for its owner.

Dogs are pack creatures and social creatures that are devoted to whoever they consider their pack and leader. That’s why they get sad when we leave, bark, jump for joy, and wag their tails when we are back.

2. Dogs are affectionate 

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Dogs won’t work around with no regard for your existence. Dogs would most likely come to lie or sit beside you, even when you’re busy or not paying them any attention. They can notice our moods and share them with us.

Dogs can tell when you are sad, happy, or angry, and would provide affectionate company that matches your moods. They are also easy to understand, as you can read a dog’s mood from its face or behavior. You could easily tell when your pet dog is sad, scared, or happy.

3. Dogs are better companions

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There is something absolutely beautiful about our relationship with dogs. Getting a pet dog means you have a companion by your side till its last days. They would get to know you, love you, display their affections openly, and protect you.

Having a dog means you have a cuddle buddy, a work buddy, an exercise buddy, a buddy to help you socialize, a playmate, and more. Dogs can be more than just pets, but lifetime companions that would always be there for you.

4. Dogs help us socialize

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Apart from being man’s best friends and great company, dogs are great pets for introverts who find it hard to make friends. Taking your dog out for a walk or to the park would help you meet other dog lovers, have random interactions with strangers, or meet other dog parents.

Strolling with your dog would help you have more human-to-human connections than when you go for that walk alone. A cat won’t even follow you for a walk or pay enough attention to you or a random stranger.

5. Dogs won’t hurt you

Unlike a cat, who would rarely show you any affection, and whose paws and claws would leave you with so many scratches, a dog is way less likely to hurt you when playing.

Dogs learn from birth how to play bite without hurting whoever they are having fun with. With dogs, you don’t have to put up with scratches or show them off as a badge of honor that your pet loves you.

6. Dogs accept change easily

While a dog could develop anxiety because of a change in its environment; like a vacation or a move to a new place, they adapt pretty quickly, unlike cats. Cats could throw a tantrum when anything out of the ordinary happens in their environment.

New furniture? New apartment? A visitor? A cat might decide to pick up on it and just disappear for a while.

A cat would be more dramatic for what a dog would take in a stride. Dogs don’t accept change automatically, but they take cues and proof from their owners and would get used to change easily.

7. Dogs are protective

Dogs are naturally protective of things they consider theirs: their house, couch, toys, food, and owners. They are pack animals who consider it important to protect their owners when they sense a threat or danger. Cats would ditch you the moment it feels frightened.

8. Dogs are easier to control

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Compared to cats, dogs are a lot easier to control, as they are obedient and do what they are told. Try telling a cat what to do, and it would pay no attention to you. Cats would do whatever they want, with no care for you. Cats are fiercely independent and snobbish, they’d mark whatever they think needs marking, scratch whatever they want to, go wherever they want and a lot more.

While dogs can be destructive; messing up the house and tearing up pillows, you can crate train your dog. Crate training your dog allows you to keep your house safe from destruction and your dog from harm when you’re not around.

Dogs that have been crate trained often consider their crates to be their personal space. Crate training helps a lot but try putting a cat in a cart, and it won’t go so well as your cat would become very unhappy.

9. Dogs can learn various skills

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You could teach a dog fun skills like how to dance, fetch, play hide and seek, high five, etc. You could train a dog to do anything, including useful skills like going outside to poop, ring a bell or even speed dial 911!

They are easy to train and teach skills, as you could use treats to teach a dog commands, tricks and behaviors. While you could train a cat, they can learn fewer skills and get bored after a while.

10. Dogs are better with children

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Dogs and children are great friends. They could play for hours and tire out of each other. Dogs can help children learn how to be kind, responsible, and respect animals. Dogs can also be helpful at babysitting, as they can keep a child occupied for a while you work on your computer or do chores. Cats can also be good with children, but they get irritated easily and would bore a child as a babysitter.

11. Dogs can swim

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While not all dogs are born swimmers, some dogs can swim naturally. The doggie paddle behavior dogs do when they’re in the water is a part of dogs’ hereditary, although some dogs have forgotten this skill. If your dog isn’t a natural swimmer, with a life vest and some swimming lessons over time, swimming is a skill your dog can learn.

Swimming is an activity you and your dog can do together. Your dog would excitedly jump right in and swim with you in the ocean, a lake, or a pool, ensuring both of you have the most fun.

12. Dogs have a sixth sense

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A dog can tell when a natural disaster like an earthquake or hurricane is about to happen or when someone is about to have a seizure. When a dog senses one of these is about to happen, it would engage in attention-getting behaviors like barking anxiously, whining, or pawing.

In cases of when someone is having a seizure, a dog might show these behaviors 12-15 hours before it happens, that’s how good their senses are!

13. Dogs can work

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From serving in the military to working as rescue dogs to hunting dogs, dogs are very useful pets. A dog’s intelligence makes it great in performing various tasks and helping its owner’s job be easier. You can train a dog to hunt, herd livestock, sniff out drugs, detect a bomb, help people with disabilities or people in therapy.

14. Dogs don’t just up and leave

Cats can disappear for days, leaving you worried about if they’re missing or are just under a spell. But dogs are nothing like this, they enjoy their owner’s company and want to spend time with them every day, if possible, spend the entire day with their owner.

Dogs won’t have disappearing spells, and you know when your dog disappears, you have reasons to be worried because it could have gotten lost.

15. A dog breed for everyone and lifestyle

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Dogs come in various breeds and sizes. The American Kennel Club recognizes 195 breeds of dogs. Are you athletic, need a companion, a hunter, or want long walks or cuddles, there is a dog breed that would fit perfectly into your lifestyle.


Dogs are also very obedient animals that take training and correction. You could be stern with your dog, express displeasure with your face, or take other corrective training actions, and your dog is certain in most cases to be chaste and take to correction. Cats won’t even glance at you. They do whatever they want and do not have to bother or face the consequences of their actions.

Dogs and cats are splendid animals that have been man’s beloved pets for centuries. Getting whichever one of them would change your life, but getting a dog would be a much more impactful change. Even though we’ve listed fifteen reasons dogs are better pets, cats are still wonderful pets to have.

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